Why You Should Consider Reformer Pilates

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Answers from Expert Frank Kasper

Why You Should Consider Reformer Pilates

Frank Kasper is now teaching small, almost private classes of Reformer Pilates at The Trim Gym.  While there is extra cost for these classes, we thought you'd like to know more. 

We asked Frank:

Q)  What is a Pilates Reformer?


A)  A Pilates Reformer is a piece of equipment that uses springs to 

provide the resistance and our goal is to lengthen and strengthen

your muscles. 


Q)  How is a Pilates Reformer used?


A)  A Reformer is used to provide a total body workout in each class to

improve your Balance, Coordination, Strength and Flexibility because

as we grow older those are the 4 things we tend to lose first. 

Q)  I don't have much knowledge or experience with Pilates.  Should I consider Reformer Pilates?  And, how do I know Reformer Pilates is right for me?


A)  Anybody that wants to work on their core strength while improving their overall fitness should try a Pilates class. It doesn't matter if you haven't done a class on the Reformer before because I will  teach / modify exercises based on your experience and physical condition. 

Also, no Pilates class is ever the same. We have a certain set of exercises that we do to warm up your muscles and after that I base the exercises on who is in the class. And since we only have 4 Reformers you will get lots of personal attention ensuring a safe and effective workout. 

You'll know after your first class whether you're going to like Reformer Pilates or not. 

Q)  What are the benefits of Reformer Pilates?

A)  Some of the Benefits of Pilates on the Reformer are:

Improved Posture

Stronger lower back and core

Increased Flexibility

Better Balance

Long lean muscles

Firmer hips and thighs (this is the area women see results first)

And an overall sense of complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.

Q)  How do I get started in your classes?

A)  Anyone interested in taking a class should contact me so I can see if there are any spots available. Eventually I'll be available for privates and duets as well as some evening classes. 

Q)  Tell us about your background.

A)  I started practicing Pilates in 2003 and got certified by Polestar Pilates in 2005. I started teaching in 2005 and received a Comprehensive Certification from Power Pilates in 2008. I have specific Pilates training in golf and completed the Titleist One Golf Certification Program in 2005.

So, my background in Pilates is from Contemporary to Rehabilitative to Classical and I work all 3 of these styles into my Reformer classes.

Q)  What's a way a interested member of The Trim Gym can schedule a class with you?

A)  My cell number is 870-819-1013.  I'm happy to take calls, or text.  

Why You Should Consider Reformer Pilates

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